Local Community Information

Knob Noster Local Community

Knob Noster Local Community
The name “Knob Noster” is inspired by the two small hills or "knobs" that rise up in an otherwise flat section of Missouri. “Noster” in Latin means “our” so when combined, Knob Noster means "our hills".

Knob Noster used to be part of Cooper County. However, when Cooper County experienced a surge in population, a division was made in 1820. The new county was called Lillard County, which included what is now Lafayette. And from Lafayette, came Johnson County. The population became large enough for Lafayette County to be divided into two counties in 1834. One retained the name Lafayette, while the other became known as Johnson County. Johnson County was further divided into four townships on May 4, 1835. These were Jackson, Washington, Madison, and Jefferson. Washington Knob Noster is located in what was named Washington Township (wikipedia.org).

The City of Knob Noster

Knob Noster in Johnson County, Missouri, is an unincorporated and serene rural community that has a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. There are currently 2,776 residents in this quaint community. It is located near the famed Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the “Stealth” bomber. Knob Noster can be found between two larger communities, Warrensburg on the west and Sedalia on the east. Smaller communities are also within a short drive from the base. Kansas City is conveniently nearby for shopping or entertainment needs. Often bustling with new construction, investing in Knob Noster real estate is a wise decision because of the generally peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in these homes in Knob Noster.

Knob Noster Schools

knob noster schools
Like most cities, schools are easily accessible in Knob Noster. Some of the institutions that aim to mold competent students in Knob Noster are Knob Noster Elementary School, Knob Noster Middle School, and Knob Noster High School. Whiteman Elementary School is also nearby. These schools strive to bring forth excellence and quality education with the support of the active students, parents, teachers, and alumni.

Knob Noster State Park

knob noster state park
A serene oasis, Knob Noster State Park is a mixture of prairie, open woodland and forest along both sides of a meandering creek. Hiking, camping, picnicking, fishing, boating, horseback riding, and biking are the pleasurable activities that one can enjoy at Knob Noster State Park. A playground is also available for kids. It is also an ideal place for aviation enthusiasts because they can stay in the campground and watch the B-2 Spirit bombers take off and land at nearby Whiteman Air Force Base.

The park also offers basic and electric campsites, as well as group and special-use camping areas. Seasonal services (April through October) include campsites, dump station, showers, water and laundry. The campground does not close year-long and is open for reservations year-round (mostateparks.com).

Why Choose a Knob Noster Home

Knob Noster may be close to an Air Force Base and close to busier cities, but tranquility reigns in this quiet suburban community of Johnson county. Its laid back residential area, quaint downtown area, and scenic outdoors offer a breather from the usual cityscape. And the air is literally better at Knob Noster, because it is clean and unpolluted. It also provides easy access to the great outdoors, enabling residents to truly enjoy nature’s wonders.

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